Where to begin

The resources on this site are designed to help people gain skills and build capability in the global practice of Human-centred design and demonstrate how to apply them at a community level.

For those of you who’re new to the concept of Human-centred design, it really just means including the people you’re creating programs and services for in the design and development of those programs and services. Click here if you want to learn more.

Whether you’re from a community group, social enterprise, government or larger organisation, these resources are universal and you can use them across most activities.

The resources are grouped into three stages:

  • Start with immersion if you want to better understand the needs of the people you support, their attitudes and behaviours, and how they interact with others
  • Check out co-design if you already know your community and are looking to come up with ideas to address a particular issue, opportunity or challenge.
  • Already have ideas and solutions in mind? Go to prototyping for ideas about how test these with your communities and get feedback

Types of resources available include:

  • Workbooks – there is one for each stage containing all the resources from the website in one place, a great overview and introduction
  • Tools – individual templates and collateral you can download
  • Guides –information to read about how to use the tools
  • Stories – examples of how others have used the tools

How to navigate the site

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