Building new connections

How the Australia Post Social Design Team used Immersion techniques to help build new connections for their pilot program.

Following the launch of Neighbourhood Welcome Service pilot in June 2019, it was important that we continue to identify the right audiences to help increase both participation from individuals and develop new partnerships with referral organisations.

In the original development of the pilot program, we had used Immersion techniques to become familiar with the different communities in and around Maribyrnong, which enabled us to target specific community organisations.

To continue to build on the pilot, we used the knowledge we had on the demographic and social backgrounds of our target audiences, and identified where we could meet these people and share with them the benefits of Neighbourhood Welcome Service. This led us to places such as community hubs which host activities like language classes, and kids’ events, that are designed to bring people together.

In addition to the local area marketing activity which included a flyer delivered to letterboxes, posters in Welcome Spaces and other local organisations, Social Media, Website and traditional ‘word of mouth’, we set up a number of strategically located Pop Ups.

We set up ‘expo like’ stands and shared information about Neighbourhood Welcome Service with visitors to these sites.

By identifying our Pop Up locations through our understanding of the local community, we met many individuals with a need and want for the service. Activities like the ones happening in community hubs meant that our Pop Ups have complemented our traditional marketing methods and reached a portion of our community who are lonely, isolated and rarely leave their homes.

Through the Pop-Ups we gained a new awareness of prospective referral organisations, such as Co-Health who regularly visit community hubs to meet with their clients. This has helped us to secure additional referral support and reach more individuals who may benefit from Neighbourhood Welcome Service.