Prototyping is a process where you develop and test your ideas on a group of potential users, by creating a mock-up of your program, product or service.

It is useful to help you quickly test an idea to find out if it is worth developing further, or needs to evolve into something different. Prototyping will be based on ideas that have been generated from Co-design process.

These resources have been divided into three sections:

  1. Make — Turning an idea into a thing
  2. Test — Finding out if it works
  3. Iterate — Making it better

The principles of successful co-design include:

  • Keep an open mind — Sometimes the perfect solution will start off as an unconventional idea, so be ready to challenge your notion of ‘the right way’ and try something different.
  • Fail fast and repeat — The more versions you try, the more likely you are to get to a solution that works.

In this section


Making the Inside-Out Bag

How the Australia Post Social Design Team created a simple prototype to test an idea


Testing the Neighbourhood Welcome Box

How the Australia Post Social Design Team learned from rapid prototyping


From Inside-out bag to Post It Forward

How the Australia Post Social Design Team iterated an idea to make it better