Neighbourhood Welcome Service by Australia Post

Neighbourhood Welcome Service is a new community initiative being trialled by Australia Post. We’re committed to making neighbourhoods more welcoming places for people who have just arrived here – and for those who just need a little extra help.

By helping people connect with their neighbours, local businesses and essential services, we can help support those that need it most in the neighbourhood.

This initiative reinforces our social purpose by placing the Post Office at the heart of every Australian neighbourhood. It also empowers people and businesses to be more inclusive and connected so that they can help create positive social change.

Service Overview

Neighbourhood Welcome Service supports people who may need help due to challenges associated with moving to Australia, settling in a new neighbourhood, major life transitions, loneliness, social isolation and ageing.

People become aware of the service through local area marketing, word of mouth and a Referral Program.

People who would benefit from this service are directed to a participating Post Office where they will receive a Neighbourly Welcome and be gifted a Welcome Pack.

The Welcome Pack contains information that helps them learn about the local area and how to get involved in their Neighbourhood through activities at Welcome Spaces.

A limited number of Welcome Packs are available as part of this trial service.

When people visit a Welcome Space they’ll have the chance to talk with a Community Connector – this is a great opportunity to ask some questions about the neighbourhood and understand how you can get involved.


3 Foundational Components

1. Welcome Packs

Welcome Packs are full of useful advice and practical items related to life in Australia. The idea behind the Welcome Pack is to offer people support in a way that feels real and tangible, helping them get involved in their neighbourhood.

2. Welcome Spaces

We have established Welcome Spaces across the City of Maribyrnong in Community Organisations and local businesses that are passionate about creating neighbourhoods where everyone can participate and feel like they belong.

View a list of Welcome Spaces here.

Read about local offers and activities on offer in Inner-West Melbourne here.

3. Community Connectors

To ensure Neighbourhood Welcome Service has an impact in the neighbourhood and creates positive social change, we’re introducing advocates for the initiative throughout the neighbourhood. These people are Neighbourhood Welcome Service Community Connectors.

Community Connectors can be found at the Post Office and at Welcome Spaces.

Neighbourhood Welcome Service by Australia Post is a trial in the City of Maribyrnong (until 30 June, 2020)