Immersion is a process that helps you understand a community better by interacting with people in the context of their daily lives.

It can help you identify barriers and opportunities of a particular location or community to consider throughout your project.

You might:

  • Discover new and unexpected things
  • Learn about the needs and motivations of a community
  • Build new connections

Immersion is most useful in the early stages of your project and can help set up the direction and focus of your work.

There are generally three phases to any community immersion:

  1. Explore — Understanding and exploring your area.
  2. Engage — Identifying who to speak to in the community and what the best method is for each person or group.
  3. Communicate — Sharing your ideas and progress with the people involved in or affected by your project.

The key to success for this style of working is to have as many conversations with a range of people on a range of topics.

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